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Parkview Occupational Medicine
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Highest Quality Care:  No over-utilization with the health and safety of the employee.  Whenever medically appropriate the accident will be maintained as “First Aid”.  When the accident is a “recordable” injury, the case will be reviewed as the most effective and efficient treatment to return the employee back to work as soon as medically safe. 

It is not our goal to add unnecessary re-visits, x-rays, specialty referrals, medications, or devises to increase profits of the medical center.  Utilization review, Back-to-Work, and Modified Duty programs will always be a part of the partnership between the physician and the employer as the employee progresses towards becoming fully functional again.


ParkView Occupational Medicine utilizes only physicians to provide the highest quality of injury care. Our physicians are experienced and understand case management and how it directly affects the employer. Also, our physicians are on many of the workers’ compensation plans MPN (Medical Provider Networks)  that coordinate referrals for patients who have suffered a work related injury. 

In addition, following injury care ParkView Occupational Medicine ensures that the employer will receive work status reports, doctor’s first reports and an initial phone call to the employer relating case status and approach to treatment.  Once again, our experienced physicians will always  maintain and present an open and constant communication with the employer allowing ParkView Occupational Medicine to build a healthy business relationship with the employer.


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